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Gin Gin


Natural alcohol-producing processes have existed on our planet since million of years, and a gene specialized in breaking down alcohol is present in the human genome, precisely the one responsible for the production of alcohol dehydrogenase enzymes. This can lead to think that man has been exposed to alcohol since long ago, but there are no historical news confirming this thesis and it looks like until 10.000 years ago alcohol consumption was fortuitous and sporadic, frugally.



The word derives from arabic الغول (al-ghūl, spirit) or from الكحل (al-kuḥl, stibnite powder obtained through antimony sublimation), revealing the alchemic origin of this substance, which was linked to the magical and spiritual properties of elisirs. The Elisir of life (in arabic الإكسير, al-Iksīr) is a legendary potion capable of giving immortality to whoever drinks it.



Symbolic or religious significance have always been attributed to alcoholic beverages: for example in ancient Greece in Dionysiac rituals, in Christian religion as a symbol of eucharisty, in Jewish Easter (Pesach) and also in the club (dicso). Despite this, the Old Testament generally condemns the abuse of alcohol (to which the patriarch Moses surrendered) and the Fathers of the Church asked for moderation in wine consumption. Other religions (mainly Islam) totally forbid alcohol consumption.



The first proto-gin was produced in Italy, in Salerno, at the Scuola Medica Salernitana. The monks, which were the first to grow their own herbs in a garden for distilling, made the first experiments where basic alcohol was distilled together with juniper berries. The goal was not a recreational drink, but to keep the medical properties of the juniper in a medicine easily transportable, which kept throughout the year and which didn’t cause headaches even if you get wasted with it.



Ricetta italiana

Italian recipe

The recipe is based on mediterranean herbs for reminding us of our 100% Italian origins.

Packaging molto portatile

Portable packaging

Finally you’ll be able to have fun while camping.

Da bere responsabilmente

Drink responsibly

After a certain age everyone is responsible for his or her own face.



This gin is handcrafted in Belgium by crazy people who go hunting for herbs.


Distilled by Jan

Jan says: “A handcrafted small batch gin inspired by the captivating flavors of Italy. Wild laurel blossoms and bergamot distillates, skillfully blended with 6 other foraged botanicals (even the juniper is handpicked!), all distilled freshly and separately in a copper still to produce this smooth mediterranean marvel. To be enjoyed neat on one rock or in a traditional Gin and Tonic, also delicious in a Negroni. But especially in any way your taste buds decide!”

This is not Jan but his brother Geert installing something of use to make gin.
  • Small batch gin produced in Belgium
  • Stainless steel bottle, 50cl
  • Can be only purchased in Italy (for the moment)

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