It is known (albeit not evident) that hybridization and contamination are an effective and common stratagem to make trivial and boring stuff interesting.

L'agnello medusa ogm

The lamb is a cute but ordinary animal, and the jellyfish is good-looking in pictures but intolerable when you encounter it while bathing. Somebody thought to hybridize these two creatures in order to create a fluorescent lamb, maybe not very useful but stylish for sure, even just as an aperitif talking point. In 2014 someone even ate one by mistake.

When this process, like for the UNOTRE Christmas sandwich, is applied to things which are already heavily exciting the result could be quite destabilizing.

In the UNOTRE Christmas sandwich the fusion is between:

Grilled panettone

Grilled panettone

Smashed burger

Smashed burger

Smashing burgers

No. 10 bean

Smashburger’s origin dates back over fifty years ago in Ashland, Kentucky, located in the Appalachian Mountains.

The story is that the original Dairy Cheer hamburger shop owner Bill Culvertson, created the “smashburger” when a worker discovered that smashing the meat with a No. 10 bean can while grilling was a great way to get the best flavor into a burger.

Out of that cooking method the smashburger was born.

The panettone


Don’t pretend to know everything about the panettone. Here’s some quick insight:

  • the panettone is born from the permission, granted for Christmas only, for everyone to eat wheat flour, usually reserved for the rich and which the breadmakers were forbidden to use
  • this bread was called “Pan de Sciori” or “Pan de Ton”, meaning bread of the masters, which was enriched with sugar, butter and eggs
  • the first documented panettone recipe is from 1549
  • panettone could also mean “big bread” but more probabily “big stick” (of butter)
  • in the 1800s the habit was to send panettone as a thank you for doing business together
Very good

Very good

A big responsibility


Thanks to the UNOTRE Christmas sandwich the contamination served is also between Milanese culinary tradition and New York street food: the heavy baggage of historical credibility is immediately fused together in a sparkling Christmas star of modernity.

What’s inside

An infographic of the anatomy of the UNOTRE Christmas sandwich. For the most meticulous persons.

Panino di Natale di UNOTRE

Artisanal panettone, grilled
With raisins, candied fruits and everything

To give the right acidity

Special Chuck’s sauce
Secret but imaginable ingredients

Crunchy bacon
To better contrast the sweetness

It’s also colorful

Very very crunchy

Artisanal panettone, grilled
With raisins, candied fruits and everything

Made by Chuck

Chuck’s is the creature of Chuck George, a Rhode Island native raised between NYC and Virginia who decided to do the perfect smashburger.

Other random intelligence about Chuck:

  • He often wears a black hoodie
  • He can solve a Rubik’s cube in 10 seconds
  • He’s the only one watering plants in the place where he opened Chuck’s

Made by Chuck

Black is a safe color for Chuck as his mental energy is focused elsewhere, at expressing himself through cooking. Clothing is more of a uniform for him, iconic™ but effortless

The most important ingredient: you

Whether you like it or not, tasting it is fundamental: personal taste is in fact the magical ingredient which is needed to seal the recipe. Whatever the response of your taste buds combined with your baggage of beliefs and convictions, with a bite to the UNOTRE Christmas sandwich you will complete the recipe, the experience, the contamination and the celebration.


Let’s learn from Christmas: whether you like it or not, the important part of a gift is the gesture of doing it and the joy of receiving it. But if you even like the gift, better

Made just for you

Made just for you

Having the UNOTRE Christmas sandwich

You can’t have it always (like Christmas) and someone needs to cook it for you (like sandwiches).

You could have bought the UNOTRE Christmas sandwich at Chuck’s Milan in via Bonvesin de la Riva 3, on December 16 2022 from 19:30 until closing, and the two days after until supplies lasted.

Chuck’s in Milan

Chuck is in the place

Couldn’t try it?

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Panino di Natale di UNOTRE

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