Motivatore meccanico UNOTRE


To success automatically

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How it works

Define your objective. For example “straighten your back”, “drink less water”, “be on time”.

Wear the device by wrapping the strap around the wrist (left or right). Do not tighten too much to avoid the risk of soreness.

Every time the hands align and form the mystical symbol of UNOTRE (24 times a day) think hard at your set objective.

By repeating this procedure you will get what you want.

As an extra feature you can use the device to know the time, but you have to adjust it with the current time from the phone you always have with you.

Mechanical movement

Mechanical movement

It keeps going forever, unless you stay perfectly still for more than 42 hours.

Sapphire glass and 316L stainless steel

Sapphire glass and 316L stainless steel

Very very hard. Resists to repeated contact with relatively corrosive substances.

Motivatore meccanico - versione normale


The Swiss people from ETA who make the mechanical movement estimate a precision of ±4 seconds per day.



You can bathe with it. You can even put your head underwater or try to reach the bottom of the pool.

Glows in the dark

Glows in the dark

Thanks to a magic material called Super-LumiNova you will be motivated even in unclear situations.


Vibrations per hour
Daily alignments of the symbol

Dark version

The object is available in a dark version but special qualifications are required in order to obtain it.

Mechanical watch UNOTRE - Dark Version


Like all well-built mechanical instruments, it can last all your life. You just have to revision it from time to time (like every 5 years) from a watch professional expert in mechanical movements, so he or she can add the oil.

UNOTRE Mechanical watch
UNOTRE Mechanical watch

Owning it

Mechanical watch UNOTRE - Normal version
  • White dial
  • Nopani strap
  • Brushed metalware

Out of stock

Maybe it will be available again

Mechanical watch UNOTRE - Dark version
  • Black dial
  • Nopani strap
  • Black matte metalware

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