Play your cards before you get done.

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The future is now: reality is already an epic version of everything that has been imagined in books and films.

No one is prepared for the clash, but avoiding it is impossible. Are you up for it? Get ready for an unforgettable challenge: it’s time for some Mazzo.

Discover Mazzo

Mazzo is the collectible card game that you have already finished collecting when you buy it.

For people with good eyesight

For people with good eyesight

The small print of Mazzo helps keep your eyes trained.

For young people who want to exercise their memory

For young people who want to exercise their memory

A true Mazzo champion knows the characteristics of each creature by heart.

For those who want to learn patience

For those who want to learn patience

During a fight, you can make your opponent nervous by pretending not to find the characteristic to compare.

For lazy collectors

For lazy collectors

A collection already collected: what a convenience!


The cards

Rectangular with rounded edges, carefully manufactured

Tested for traditional and acrobatic shuffles

For medium-sized hands, moderate sweating

57 character cards

1 wildcard

1 rules card


Creatures and characteristics

Each card is a creature, with a unique mix of characteristics and relative scores.

Ex Rapper - Mazzo UNOTRE

The ex-rapper doesn’t have many ounces of denim, but has an enviable tattoo collection!



Mazzo is a game system based on combat between creatures, who clash by comparing the characteristics they have in common: the card with the highest score wins the comparison.

  • Collectible card game
  • All cards included
  • 59 cards