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UNOTRE Ufficio Idee (“ideas office”) is tasked with attracting and selecting unique ideas and then translating them into reality, in order to reach unthinkable markets and to spread the UNOTRE mentality all over the globe and beyond.



What’s needed



Il latte di UNOTRE


It’s basically milk but it’s already aromatized (like mint and milk but with mint already in it).

What’s needed

Cow ranch
Milk producer
Mass market retailers


Deodorante alla cannella

Cinnamon deodorant

Perfect with the apple shampoo.

What’s needed

Cosmetics producer
Mass market retailers


Il materasso UNOTRE

UNOTRE mattress

Why nobody thinks about mattresses aesthetics? Only because it is hidden? Even underwear is hidden but then it pops out.

What’s needed

Mattress producer


Il Panino di UNOTRE

The Panino of UNOTRE

This is simple. The best panino for the best panino.

What’s needed

Mass market retailers


Il locale di UNOTRE


An exceptional club for exceptional stuff.

What’s needed

Exceptional stuff


Il fondo UNOTRE


The UNOTRE fund is a mutual fund or an exchange traded fund which only invests in visionary stuff. Since UNOTRE always got it right in hindsight it will be a rather interesting investment, if you have a sufficiently long time horizon of course.

What’s needed

Investment company


Il condimento UNOTRE

UNOTRE sauce

Makes everything better.

What’s needed

Seasoning producer
Mass market retailers

Apply for the Ufficio Idee

If you have unique ideas and you see the world like we do and you want to contribute to spread UNOTRE and fight the babberia, you can apply to join Ufficio Idee.

We only accept people with project management skills – it’s ok if you have the ideas but you must also be able to explain them to whomever has to realize them with anything might be needed (sketches, designs, gestures), correct them if there’s any problem, until the idea becomes reality.


    What if my idea gets stolen?

    Ideas aren’t worth very much if they’re not realized. But if you are so fond of your idea keep it to yourself and you’re set.

    Can I take one of these ideas and realize it without UNOTRE?

    Of course you can, the result won’t be as good probably but who knows.

    Can I say it’s my idea? I want to brag on social media!

    Intellectual property is unalienable. This means your idea is yours forever. According to UNOTRE tho ideas and their realization must be put before any personal satisfaction: otherwise the risk is to do things just for bragging, while UNOTRE wants them to really work. That said, do what you want.

    Will I make money from this?

    Sure, if your idea makes money of course you will.

    More questions? Contact us