Episode 3

The real Italian sneakers

This content, it is translated in English because it is of worldwide relevance. Thank you.
Dear sneakerhead who read the website more weight™ I hate to tell you but your friends that take pictures of their feet does not represent the real scene of the Italian sneakers. In fact the majority of Italians is not influenced from rappers’ Instagram and chooses his own sneakers autonomously following the typical (very famous) Italian good taste, and especially according to the most important criteria: comfort.
To help uninformed people and those not born in Italy who want to discover everything but really everything about Italy we continue to shed light on the tastes of the real Italian country and after the food and the fashion at last emerge the most important argument for the users of the website more weight™: sneakers.
For each of the real Italian sneakers we will also explain how it has been successful among the inhabitants of the peninsula.

The fake ruined Golden Goose

In Italy the new trend of things ruined on purpose or fake damaged exists from a long time but you know that Italy is a country of anticipators. The fake ruined Golden Goose with colors like gold and silver and glitter are a perfect example of Italian sparkling spontaneity.
Trivia: if Fabrizio Corona (most famous Italian person) had the Golden Goose when running in Portugal he would not have been taken.

The very low Hogan

While Italian women prefer very high Hogan (Hogan Interactive) men prefer very low Hogan (though it can happen to see men with very high Hogan – never the other way though). The very low Hogan always have the big H and meet the fundamental need of Italian man who does not want people to think they have big feet.
Trivia: to fuck with a velina (beautiful girl from Striscia la notizia) just met you just need very low Hogan and a bit of hair gel.

The racing sneakers

Racing sneakers are a staple of Italian fashion since the days of the PUMA Speed Cat Sparco probably because Italians like to run with cars but often they have to settle to run with feet.
Trivia: at the time of the PUMA Speed Cat Sparco there were also adidas Goodyear ADI racer you remember? This was not really a trivia.

The ugly beautiful running shoes

The average Italian discovered the ugly beautiful running shoes long time before the fashion character and especially discovered them in the most genuine way (because he liked them really and not because he saw them on the Internet). When the Italian buys the ugly beautiful running shoes usually he have a sixth sense and can choose the most ugly beautiful colorway (DEFINITELY HE NOT TAKES THEM ALL WHITE OR ALL BLACK).
Trivia: the ugly beautiful running shoes often cost a lot but Italians do not care (fashion characters care and feel bad).

The FINE SERIE at Foot Locker

It may not seem a proper kind of shoe but there are some characteristics shared by all the FINE SERIE at Foot Locker (if you do not know the FINE SERIE are the pieces unsold heavily discounted) and are: strange numbers (like EU 38 or 47), very special colors, price under €40.
Trivia: the FINE SERIE at Foot Locker exist only in Italy because in the rest of the world they did not sell and have been removed.

The 5 legs high fashion sneakers

5 legs means 5 gambe that means 500€. The 5 legs high fashion sneakers should be quite high but not too high otherwise they become the 6 legs very high fashion sneakers (which we’ll see later). They are fashion shoes made especially for Italian soccer players and as a matter of emulation have spread like wildfire in all sections of the population.
Trivia: some Italians would buy the 6 legs very high fashion sneakers but they are forced to buy the 5 legs high fashion sneakers because of income issues.

The 6 legs very high fashion sneakers

6 legs means 6 gambe that means 600€. The 6 legs very high fashion sneakers are an upgrade of the 5 legs high fashion sneakers, less widespread but still a worthy representative of the real Italian sneaker culture.
Trivia: they are the favorite sneakers of Supermario Balotelli.

The adidas LA Trainer

A classic beloved by young and not so young but not yet old (though already grown up) across Italy from north to south. Strange but true despite the incredible success in Italy no one has yet figured out that the three pirulini are shock absorbers.
Trivia: 95% of the adidas LA Trainer that has sold in 36 years has sold in Italy.

The fashion sneakers that you must see the brand

The brand must be seen well, it is not enough just a nice big logo, the brand must be seen from distance because that is exactly why the fashion sneaker that you must see the brand are purchased.
Trivia: the most stylish are definitely those of Gucci.

The 100% Italian sneakers

The 100% Italian sneakers are those of Lotto and Kappa and other Italian brands that are not driven much abroad and therefore represent a unique opportunity for Italians to support the Italian spirit. Generally they take inspiration from other foreign famous brand shoes.
Trivia: the purchase of the 100% Italian sneakers allows Italian economy to survive even without the powerful means of the Western superpowers.

The boxing sneakers

If you read the UNOTRE’s guide to Italy episode on fashion you already know that boxing clothing is one of the Italian fashion cornerstones and consequently the boxing sneakers are one of the cornerstones of Italian sneakers.
Trivia: almost none after buying the boxing sneakers began to practice boxing.

The Prada Boat Shoes

The Prada Sport Boat Shoes (Prada America’s Cup) have been a strong style icon in Italy for many years (fighissime). They are a symbol of elegance and sportiness of Italian people, living together in every single inhabitant of the peninsula and envied worldwide.
Trivia: I had the blue ones.

The Alberto Guardiani

Mythical Alberto Guardiani is an Italian brand of the Madonna, very summery (but also a little wintery on occasion) that ultimately is going strong in Eastern Europe, where they appreciate the craftsmanship made in Italy.
Trivia: the G on the Alberto Guardiani shoes stands for Great shoes.

The NeroGiardini

The NeroGiardini are the best sneakers among those a little elegant and a little sporty, you know Italians are keen to be sporty and elegant at the same time. The logo is very nice.
Trivia: it seems that a part of the NeroGiardini success is due to the name.

The GEOX with the velcro straps

GEOX is the shoe that breathes invented by an Italian genius who was tired of having sweaty feet (in fact the name is almost the GORE-TEX® anagram). Among the most appreciated GEOX surely there are those with the velctro straps (strappi) that eliminate the problem of laces (Italians are very lazy).
Trivia: The GEOX Facebook page has 1,381,071 fans (minchia).
Dear sneakerhead who read the website more weight ™ and dear person of another nationality who want to know the real taste of Italians, now you know what are the real Italian sneakers and you can tell everyone else.
The UNOTRE’S guide to Italy will continue in the next episode! You’ll soon discover the truth about so many other things we do in this wonderful country.