Episode 8

The real Italian luxury

This content, it is translated in English because it is of worldwide relevance. Thank you.
It is well known that Italians are the people who invented the luxury. But even in this topic there are many prejudices and non-Italians think luxury for Italians is having the Ferrari and the villa in Portofino and things like these. The real luxury for Italians is very different and much more special and interesting.
In this episode we will help you understand what is the real Italian luxury and what do like luxury Italians, so you can tell your friends who still think that all Italians are like Gianni Agnelli (great Italian anyway).

The condoned villa

The condoned villa or villetta is the Italian luxury house for excellence because the real Italian luxury does not follow the rules of the envious.

The Rococò living room

Widespread in some parts of Italy. In the real luxury Rococò living room also the TV is set in a Rococò frame.

The pizza with truffles

When a lover of the real Italian luxury sees on the menu the pizza with truffles it is mathematical that he will command it, even if he does not like truffles (or pizza).

The Italian housekeeper

The housekeeper in Italy is no longer a luxury good but the Italian housekeeper (usually a bit old) still is because she understands at once almost everything you say.

The representation wife

The real luxury Italian men do not marry for love or for money but they marry to have a representation wife chosen specifically for appearances in society and to look good at the restaurant.

The restaurant with the aquarium and the valet

By now there are only a few but the real luxury Italian restaurants are recognizable because they always have a nice big aquarium inside and the valet parking.

The jacuzzi in the city

The jacuzzi is no longer a luxury good if you have it at the beach or in the mountains, but it is still a luxury good if you have it in the city. It’s a rule.

The black G-Wagon

The real luxury Italian is pragmatic and he knows that in a two-seater all the shopping bags and the overweight children do not fit (cicciabomba).

The kisses in the mouth to the relatives of the same sex

Typical custom of real luxury lovers especially in some parts of Italy, a slap to small taboos of the small bourgeoisie.

The shirt above the swim shorts

Also very luxurious is the shirt above the pareo and the mocassino on the beach.

The steel Rolex Daytona

Ordinance watch for the lovers of the real Italian luxury, it is worn on any occasion. All the really wealthy people have suffered at least one attempted theft from the car window.

The Yeezy

The Yeezy sneakers have become the real favorite sneakers of the real italian luxury, probably because they cost like the Hogan Interactive but they are more comfortable.

The holiday at Forte Village in Costa Smeralda

The Italian luxury holiday is not a holiday on the boat or an exotic vacation in the semi-desert islands but it is the holiday at Forte Village, where there is the sea but there are also all the comforts of the city: the tennis court, the Gordon Ramsay restaurant, the Spa and the church.

The Briatore’s clubs

The only real luxury places in Italy, where it can happen to meet very rich people from around the world and reciprocate knowing glances, are the Flavio Briatore’s clubs. Flavio is a known exponent of the real Italian luxury.

The silicone

At the real luxury parties in Italy there is always a lot of silicone, and the thing is that you must notice the silicone so it must not be a discreet presence.

The men’s jewelry with diamonds

The lovers of the real Italian luxury are often gender fluid so they don’t care if they wear accessories that are considered by the people as typically female.

The 15 meters inflatable boat to bathe

A typical summer habit of the real Italian luxury is going to bathe with the 15 meters inflatable boat with cabin and inboard engine (without ever get off from the boat).

The mixed raw fish

The mixed raw fish is a typical dish of the real cuisine of the real Italian luxury. Often it is consumed in the restaurant with the aquarium and the valet.


One of the real luxury favorite places of Italians who like to have the car and the restaurant very close to the beach.

Expensive bottles anywhere

At the restaurant, bar, beach, boat, car, plane…

Summon at home people who usually don’t come at home

Shopkeepers, bankers, barbers, usually with little notice and at times when activities are usually closed.

The room to do Bikram Yoga

The room to do Bikram Yoga is used for this purpose even after the owner of the house stops doing Bikram Yoga (usually after a few months).

Booked things that are not used

Like tables, hotel rooms, boats, parking lots…

Let drive cars to people of the servants who do not drive cars

A typical Italian habit of Italians who live a real luxury life is to let drive their car to babysitters, gardeners, janitors, etc, even against their will and even if these people prove to not be able to drive.

Giving the masseria to be restored to the child/grandchild who is an architect

Widespread practice among the rich Italians especially in some parts of Italy.

Get sent things from exotic locations

Typically things to eat but also consumable goods. There is also a variant: on holidays get things sent from the place of residence and at the residence get things sent from the holiday place.
Now you know something more of the real Italian luxury and I hope you realize that to have a lifestyle like that it is not enough being able to afford it.
The UNOTRE’s guide to Italy will continue in the next episode! You’ll soon discover the truth about so many other things we do in this wonderful country.