Episode 2

The real Italian fashion of 2017

This content, it is translated in English because it is of worldwide relevance. Thank you.
Italy is the country where fashion is born, even if France says it was born in France and says the same thing about food, which is why after the episode of the UNOTRE’s guide to Italy on food the second most important episode is certainly the one on fashion (ah, la moda).
Fashion is very important for Italians but they do not dress like people at Pitti (pinucci) and do not go around with coppola (the typical hat of the old mafia bosses) and wooden shoes. In this episode I show you the real Italian fashion of 2017 of real people you can find in real life and not only on the Internet. If you dress like this when you come on holiday in Italy you will surely fuck (scopare).
For each of the pillars of the real Italian fashion of 2017 we tell you how to wear it properly.

The triacetate suit (only Italian brands)

One of the most popular pieces among the inhabitants of the peninsula is the triacetate suit (probably because Italians really like sports a lot). While the rest of the fashion world is increasingly wearing adidas and Nike suits of famous soccer teams, the Italians are keen to push national brands as Erreà, Macron, Kappa and Legea to simultaneously demonstrate attention to fashion and love for Italy (forza Napoli!).
How to wear: you can wear the whole suit or only the under part or the over part, neutral version or football team version for the more whimsical.

The Calvin Klein small bag (borsello)

The small bag (borsello) is a fashion accessory now present throughout the world and to launch it in the fashion industry were the Italians. Synonymous with comfort it is the perfect gadget for the triacetate suit because it allows you to keep your pockets empty (wich is the reason why it is very popular between young people who make a carefree and dynamic life). Attention to the small bag brand: the real Italian fashion of 2017 do not fuck with Gucci or Louis Vuitton but with Calvin Klein and Emporio Armani EA7.
How to wear: strictly shoulder, from right to left if you’re right and from left to right if you’re left (if you’re ambidextrous, do as you please).

The jeans discolored / ripped / full of zip and seams

It’s incredible the level of creativity that has been applied to simple jeans by the creatives of the real Italian fashion of 2017. While walking the streets of any city, town or little village (paesello) of Italy you cannot miss lots of jeans ripped, bleached, with a lot of zips and seams in places where usually zips and seams do not goes because they do not have any utility (non servono a un bel zoca), but therein lies the creativity.
How to Wear: very very very tight.

The Napapijri

The Napapijri is a pillar of the real Italian fashion from many years and continues to resist despite recently the fashion industry has tried to extract it from its original context and turn it into a cross-cutting fashion item that could tragically end up here in this chart.
The correct Italian pronounce is “Nae-pàe-piì-ro”.
How to wear: the most og colors are red, light blue and white. It is worn like a shirt because the zipper does not come up to down.

The so-called ‘legal fake’

The so-called ‘legal fake’ is an original trend born in Italy and it’s certainly the most representative of the real Italian fashion of 2017. As you know we have already publicly expressed our appreciation for entrepreneurs who have launched this movement, now you know it’s exploding on the streets as well as on the Instagram and this is just the beginning.
How to wear: the handsome big logo in sight (bello grosso che si deve vedere).

The sleeveless hoodie

The sleeveless hoodie is a utility masterpiece because it brings together two elements that no one had ever thought of putting together: the hoodie and the vest. This way you can simultaneously 1) wear a hood and 2) show your arms (probably with tattoos), two needs expressed by young Italians who follow the real Italian fashion of 2017. Widely used also in the version (pictured) sleeveless jacket + hood from sleeveless hoodie stitched with the sleeveless jacket (minchia).
How to wear: no long sleeves underneath, bare-chested or short sleeves.

The boxing brands

Since the time of the adidas Tygun boxing clothing has been a thing for Italians and even the real Italian fashion of 2017 is permeated by the imaginary of the sport where you pull punches. The boxing brands are very popular in the suburbs where Italians are keen to express interest in fashion but also passion for fists (“che cazzo ti guardi?” and then bam, fist).
How to wear: looking a bit thug (but not too much that in the end it’s still fashion).

The shirt with cuff sleeve patterned

Beautiful shirts with cuffed sleeves patterned, like Burberry (but not Burberry), one of the cornerstones of the real Italian fashion of 2017 that puts together several generations and which is much appreciated by the real Italian Women of 2017 (bellissime).
How to wear: needless to say with the beautiful high lapel.

The pullover with horn toggle fastenings (alamari)

As soon as the first cold arrives the Italian peninsula become so full of horn toggle fastenings (alamari, not calamari wich means squids) that seems to be inside the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Highly regarded in the South (especially in Puglia) and consequently also very popular in Milan (wich is full of pugliesi) the pullover with horn toggle fastenings is especially liked by big people (ragazzoni) because they can unbutton if they have heat.
How to wear: with t-shirt with V neck (no shirt).

The multipurpose down jacket for all seasons

The multipurpose down jacket for all seasons is a pretty colored down jacket, warm enough but even cold enough that is generally used by members of the real Italian fashion during the period which runs from late September (though only in the evening) to late June (though only in the evening). It is multipurpose (né caldo né freddo).
How to wear: the perfect fitting is one size smaller than you normally wear. It’s important to choose a vivid colorway.
Now you know how to dress like a real Italian 2017. The UNOTRE’s guide to Italy will continue in the next episode! You’ll soon discover the truth about so many other things we do in this wonderful country.