Certainly certified

In a world where trust is good, but not trusting is even better, the last champion of serenity is the certifier. A third party to delegate the responsibility of not having checked well or devised countermeasures for a possible screw-up.

To have a clear conscience and/or not to be pointed out as a fool by everyone else.

“Your boiler won’t explode”
“You really know French well”
“That wasn’t a goal”
“Your Pokémon card is original and not very worn, but not a little and not a bit.”

When certification and fashion collide

When fashion has no arguments, it grabs whatever it finds, and wonders happen.

If the main topic of an accessory becomes its originality, the one who owns it flaunts the certification: they carry bags and garments with the label, keep the packaging that becomes as valuable as the product.

And this pattern, once consolidated, becomes fashion itself, returning to the popular world, detaching itself from fashion objects but becoming a fashion behavior in itself:

“I’m so cool my necklace is a Pokémon card in a plastic case which certifies it’s worth millions.”

In the arena of collectible cards

In collectible cards, certifiers are called graders. They check if the card is original, how worn it is, they seal it in a hermetic prism and give it back to you, along with confidence in yourself, in the card, and in others towards you.

Gradation. Photo provided by GRAAD


All this was at risk of happening without anyone connecting the dots. Federico Giuliani and Andrea Frigato thought of it with their YORHOY, the perfect accessory to say together, “I’m fashionable, I deserve your trust, I’m not saying it myself: there’s someone who guarantees it.” YORHOY is used to show off your graded cards as an accessory.

Such a powerful message that it requires certification in turn, which is why the YORHOY Necklace for Mazzo was created, a very limited edition of the accessory, dedicated to UNOTRE, who appreciated its intent and execution, affixing their logo as an unequivocal mark of certification and approval.

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