Episode 13

The real Italian tattoo

This content, it is translated in English because it is of worldwide relevance. Thank you.
Even if in the rest of the world traditional tattoos, Japanese tattoos and ugly tattoos that seem to be done with a pen in jail are more and more fashionable you know that in Italy the real Italian tattoo reigns.

A real Italian getting ready for a real Italian tattoo.

Very few outside of Italy know well the real Italian tattoo but certainly after this episode of the guide to Italy the next Italian tattoo convetion will explode.
The real Italian tattoo clearly has themes and subjects which reflect the real Italian culture.

The lyrics of the Vasco songs

Vasco Rossi is the most important songwriter of Italy and for this reason the lyrics of his songs in Italian are regarded as poetry and immortalized forever on the skin.

The real Italian Maori

The real Italian Maori (unlike the real Maori in other countries or the fake Italian Maori) has no symbolic meaning so you can tattoo it without stress just because you like the design.

The real Italian tribal

Also the real Italian tribal has no meaning so you can choose it according to the design. The traditional positions of the real Italian tribal are: above the butt for the girls and around the biceps for the boys.

The gun in the pants

The gun in the pants is a real Italian tattoo widespread in some parts of Italy even if now you can find it all over the country. It is a very challenging tattoo, in fact tattoo artists recommend to do it only when you are sure and you’ve decided at what height you will bring the pants for the rest of your life.

The Madonna

Religious tattoos are very popular in Italy but the most iconic is definitely the tattoo of the Madonna because it blends together two very important Italian topics: the religion and the mother.

The conceptual tattoo for girls

The conceptual tattoo for girls has earned the title of real Italian tattoo. The conceptual tattoo usually is inspired by a quote from Paulo Coelho, Pablo Neruda or Jovanotti, but in the end it always looks like a tree, a leaf or a puddle.

The Vesuvius

Especially in some areas of Italy where you can see the Vesuvius there is this typical Italian custom of get it tattooed if you go to live in some areas of Italy where you can’t see the Vesuvius.

The illegible aphorism in italic

Italians are big fans of aphorisms and motivational quotes and for this reason the tattooed aphorism is one of the real Italian tattoos. Usually the message is specifically requested in a barely legible italic font so only the tattoo owner can benefit from the motivation.

The illegible aphorism in italic below the Vesuvius

This real Italian tattoo is unique because it combines two real Italian tattoos: the Vesuvius and the illegible aphorism in italic.

The bar code upside the head

One of the historical real Italian tattoos, icon of the traditional Italian tattoo. Often it is in combo with the ‘Made in Italy’ text. No one has ever managed to find out if something happens when you use a barcode reader on a real Italian barcode tattoo.

The leopard print

The tattoo of the leopard print is a relatively recent real Italian tattoo, very popular among the real Italian women like Elettra Lamborghini (yes, those Lamborghini), surely the most beautiful and iconic Italian woman of all time.

The kiss on the neck

This is another real Italian tattoo that is born in some parts of Italy but then it has spread across the country. The kiss on the neck is chosen by young people to symbolize the importance of women in their lives.

The names of the children

In Italy the fact of getting the names of the children tattooed is an ancient ritual. Usually the more strange the name the more likely it will be tattooed (many parents give their children strange names on purpose to make them tattooed).

The World Cup

In 2006 italian tattoo industry had a turnover of 400 billions because they were made millions of tattoos of the World Cup.

The fashion blogger invisible tattoo

Another contemporary real Italian tattoo is the fashion blogger invisible tattoo. When you see them on Instagram all Italian fashion blogger do not seem tattooed, but in truth their body is covered with fashion blogger invisible tattoos that you can see only when you meet them in a very bright place.

The little stars in positions that are not seen

One of the first real Italian tattoos that is usually done secretly by young real Italian girls as soon as they turn 16. For this reason is always chosen a hidden point like a foot or the groin.
These are the real Italian tattoos, according to the unwritten law of the tattoo they can only be made by an Italian tattoo artist.
The UNOTRE’s guide to Italy will continue in the next episode! You’ll soon discover the truth about so many other things we do in this wonderful country.